Loja has available most things that are regularly available in larger cities like Guayaquil and Ecuador.

- Centro Comercial La Pradera (on 18 de noviembre after Chile): Located on the south of the city, this latest shopping mall contains a Supermaxi (food), TodoHogar (household items), Jugueton (toys) as well as a fast food court and many other little shops. Open everyday of the week until 9PM, it is the most convenient place to go shopping in Loja.

- Centro Comercial Hipervalle (on Orillas del Zamora and Guayaquil): The other shopping mall in town, located on the north side of the city, close to the Terminal Terrestre, it also contains a supermarket, but most interestingly of all the only modern cinema in Loja with four screens and the usual blockbusters.

- Supermercados Tia (on 10 de agosto, between Sucre and Bolivar): This ecuadorian supermarket chain is also located in Loja, cheap food prices and deals.

- Romar (on the corner of 18 de noviembre and Jose Antonio Eguiguren): This Lojan store, contains all the products and foods as the others, with the difference that it is a local business.

- Markets: There are markets in every neighbourhood in Loja. The two main markets being the Mercado Central (on 18 de noviembre and 10 de agosto) and the Mercado Municipal Gran Colombia (on avenida Nueva Loja in front of the Puerta de la Ciudad)

- Agroecological markets: Held jointly with other producers every Saturday (outside the Tebaida market, across the river Malacatos from the Supermaxi) and every Sunday (outside the San Sebastian market on Plaza San Sebastian).


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